About Lisa Bernardin, MA, LMHCA Mental Health Counselor, with Sound Counsel on Bainbridge Island

About My Background:

I spent 20 years of my career working as an educator, advocate and lay counselor.  I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and families seeking guidance, encouragement and expertise to help them problem solve, grow, and live their best lives.  I entered graduate school in 2011 with the goal of becoming a licensed, private practice psychotherapist and now have my professional practice on Bainbridge Island.

About My Modality

I am a solution-focused counselor, which means I will partner with you to find the best solutions to whatever has you stuck, stressed, confused or hurting. I come with a “toolbox” of counseling techniques, life experience, and professional resources for you to take and apply to your own situation.
I often suggest homework.  That said, I believe that counseling is a collaborative partnership and I am sensitive and aware that every situation, every individual, is unique.  There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to good counseling.  Together we will find the pace and style that work best for you.
My specialty page outlines the specific issues I work with. I know from personal experience that good input and support can make a tremendous difference when facing challenging times. I’ve sought counseling several times in my own life for help navigating some of the bigger challenges and changes.  When you connect with the right counselor, the benefits can be extraordinary. However, not every counselor will be the best fit for you, which is why I offer a free, 30 minute counseling consultation for us to get to know one another first.
Contact me to get started. Seeking counseling is a courageous step.  I’m glad you’ve taken that step and look forward to meeting you.
Verified by Psychology Today: Counselor Profile
Find my counselor profile at Bainbridge Island Psychotherapy Guild

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