Lifespan Transitions

Every life comes with challenges, changes and new chapters. Those chapters often bring stress, anxiety, depression and a host of other emotions. Talking with a trained counselor can mean the difference between GOING through or GROWING through your circumstances. In addition to my professional training in counseling, I have personal experience with grief and loss; depression; serious illness; marriage and parenting challenges; spiritual formation; aging issues; and mid-life reinvention. I believe I can offer you insight, support, encouragement and tools to help you better navigate your current circumstances. I also believe that finding the right counselor is imperative. I offer an initial counseling consult at no charge. Your therapist is going to be your strongest ally, greatest champion, and sometimes challenger and finding the person you connect best with is essential.


I love working with preteens and teens who are developing into their new selves.  What a special and HARD time this can be.  I can help with challenges such as identity issues, confidence building, personal empowerment, positive choices, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, relationships and conflict resolution.


Choosing a major and embarking on your career are some of the biggest steps you will take in life. (And, in the case of college, one of the biggest investments you will ever make!) Most people can benefit greatly from good, comprehensive planning and guidance. I help people find their groove – their unique gifts, skills and aptitudes that will help them identify and aim for who and what they really want to be.


Life comes with no shortage of surprises and unexpected (aka unwelcome) events.  Any major event – a diagnosis, divorce, death, job loss, etc. can bring with it depression, anxiety, and sense of helplessness.  I counsel from my own depth of experience with cancer, grief, loss and depression.  These personal experiences, combined with my professional training provide me with the understanding and resources to help you through yours.

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